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PulseLarsen Antennas is pleased to bring you the new, improved Antenna SourceBook (ASB), Volume 15. The goal of the ASB is to provide you with a “go to” source for all your antenna needs.

As the demand for wireless connectivity flourishes PulseLarsen is here with the needed solutions. We offer a unique far-reaching understanding of antenna and RF technology and have become the partner of choice for leading industry innovators. Pulse offers excellent value and outstanding quality products delivered from our high-volume production facilities. We offer a wide array of antennas covering 2G/ 3G/ 4G/5G , LTE, MiMo applications, WiFi, 2.4GHz, 5GHz, Zigbee, Bluetooth, GPS/ Glonass/ Beidou / Compass/ Galileo, any ISM frequency bands (169, 315, 433, 450, 868, 915, 2.4GHz), UHF, VHF, FM, DSRC, V2X, UWB and other applications.


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