PulseLarsen ISM Antennas

Whether you call it SIGFOX, LORA, LORAWAN, NEUL, NWAVE, WEIGHTLESS, BLE, Cellular, THREAD, ZIGBEE, Z-wave, Mesh Networks, one of the key aspects is the antenna (s) or the antenna system of each device or base station to ensure the best link budget possible.


The Key aspects and questions to ask when considering network connectivity:


  • Are you deploying to a single office floor or an entire city?
  • What antenna gain is necessary for your system ?

Data Rate

  • How much bandwidth do you require?
  • How often does your data change?


  • Is your sensor running on mains or battery?
  • What return loss is necessary for your antenna ?


  • Have you considered channel blocking and signal interference?
  • What bandwidth is needed ?


PulseLarsen Antennas can assist you in selecting the best antenna system for your device or your system by providing the best embedded antennas or the best base station antennas for your needs. Contact us today!


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