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Similar to the Internet of Things in general, the Industrial IoT (IIoT) covers many use cases, industries and applications. Initially, focusing on the optimization of operational efficiency and rationalization/automation/maintenance, with an important role for the convergence of IT and OT, the Industrial Internet of Things opens plenty of opportunities.


IoT opportunities include:

  • Automation
  • Optimization
  • Intelligent manufacturing and smart industry
  • Asset performance management
  • Industrial control
  • Moving towards an on demand service model
  • New ways of servicing customers and the creation of new revenue models
  • The more mature goal of industrial transformation


The IloT is transforming industry —changing the way industries work. Whether it’s enabling predictive analytics to detect corrosion inside a refinery pipe, or providing real-time production data to uncover additional capacity in a plant, or driving visibility and control over your industrial control systems environment to prevent cyber attacks, the IIoT—and the software solutions powered by it—are driving powerful business outcomes.


By combining machine-to-machine (M2M) communication, industrial big data analytics, technology, cyber security, and HMI and SCADA, the IIoT is driving unprecedented levels of efficiency, productivity, and performance. As a result, industrial companies in power and energy, oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare, aviation, and many other industries are experiencing transformative operational and financial benefits.


  • Smart factory applications and smart warehousing
  • Predictive and remote maintenance
  • Freight, goods and transportation monitoring
  • Connected logistics
  • Smart metering and smart grid
  • Smart environment solutions
  • Smart city applications
  • Smart farming and livestock monitoring
  • Industrial security systems
  • Energy consumption optimization
  • Industrial heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Manufacturing equipment monitoring
  • Asset tracking and smart logistics
  • Ozone, gas and temperature monitoring in industrial environments
  • Safety and health (conditions) monitoring of workers
  • Asset performance management
  • Remote service, field service, remote maintenance and control use cases


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